RPA: Why hospitals need to hire more robots

July 11, 2017

Given the shift towards value-based care, healthcare organizations must focus on talent retention as equally as cost, quality, and patient care. Powell and Massouras explain how RPA technology can expand opportunities for employees to work at the top of their skill levels by eliminating human staffing needs around mundane processes and tasks. At the same […]

In uncertain times, take control of your value-based future

May 25, 2017

In uncertain times, take control of your value-based future Historically, health care providers have been reactive to external demands from government regulators and commercial payers. And government and payer organizations currently define many of the metrics for which providers are held accountable. This leaves providers in a position of passive resistance as they respond to […]

HIMSS: Mind the gap

March 1, 2017

She also believes that finding solutions to improve patient outcomes is the industrys biggest hurdle amidst uncertainties in healthcare. And she is optimistic that innovative solutions will be found. Specifically, her takeaways from HIMSS17 include: Data remains a catalyst and a shackle as EMR interoperability and disparate systems are still a sore spot for many […]

The delicate balance between cost and quality in value-based healthcare

February 20, 2017

As the US administration wrestles with how to repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the healthcare industry is seeing a shift toward a different type of business model for delivery, writes Dr. Aluko in an article published in Beckers Hospital Review. This new model seeks to balance cost and quality in delivering patient-centric, […]

Healthcare in 2017: Amid the uncertainty, these changes are certain

January 26, 2017

The evolution of health care from treating the sick to keeping people healthy. Patients taking greater responsibility for their health and having greater influence over the management of their illnesses. A hot M&A market as organizations rethink their business models, structures and operations. Increased attention to cybersecurity, due to the emergence of consumer-friendly digital […]